Internet Usage: Women vs Men

Here is some interesting information of how women & men use the Internet that I’ve got from an e-mail back and forth with Chicago SEO Services.

  • Women under 30 actually use the Internet more than men under 30, however, according to Chicago SEO Services, the two groups use the Internet very differently. For instance women are really active on their e-mail accounts, they do more personal e-mailing, sharing of interesting content with friends and loved ones, a wide range of topics of personal interest is being shared by the women via e-mail. In contrast men mostly tend to use their e-mail for organizational and work purposes.
  • The usage of the Internet by men over 30 significantly outweighs the usage of Internet by women over 30. However, the percentage of women using the Internet is growing at a significant pace and is likely to outgrow the number of men using the Internet within the next few years. The average time spent on the Internet by a woman is already greater than the average time spent on the Internet by a man.
  • While women are just as likely to shop online and purchase actual goods as men, they aren’t as likely to pay for digital items, pay bills or participate in buying stocks online or similar activities.
  • As for searching for information online women are generally interested in more narrow range of topics than men. Men use the search engines in savvier manner, run more aggressive queries, run more narrowing queries to find the specific information they need, while women are more likely to go for more generic queries.
  • Women are more likely to participate in online support groups, go more in-depth by participating in e-mail discussions on the subject, they’re more likely to share the information they find useful or interesting over e-mail or on social media platforms.
  • Information on health, recipes, arts and crafts, babies and children are some of the topics that generate more interest from women than men.
  • Men are more likely to download music, pay for music and videos, listen to online radios and watch online TV shows.

In conclusion, here are some top 10 sites that women tend to be more interested in.

Here are the top 10 categories of interest for women:

  • Portals
  • Services
  • Corporate Presence
  • Searching &  Navigation
  • Entertainment
  • Conversational Media
  • Promotional Servers
  • Social Networking
  • Directories & Resources
  • Information & News

Here are the top 10 shopping sites for women:

  • Amazon
  • Wal-Mart
  • WW
  • Target
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • HewlettPackard
  • Shopzilla
  • Google Shopping
  • Nextag
  • BestBuy


8 January 2012 columns