Women in Enginnering

There is a serious shortfall in the amount of women entering the design and computing sector. There is also a serious inbalance in the percentage of women taking up engineering jobs. Both these sectors require people who are gifted intellectually; and thus there is no physical impediment in women taking up positions such as software design engineer, computer programmer, electrode design engineer and so on. What is holding women back is a culture that tends to regard women as unsuitable for highly skilled and highly paid jobs. We all admire women doctors, female corporate leaders, female artists etc. but we are apt to see these successful women as the exception tio the rule rather than the norm.

As regards computer skills people are apt to aim low. Of course it is essential to be able to grasp the basics of such important programs as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. But these are not skiills of the highest order: they are not going to lead on to jobs where a woman can become an industry leader. Rather these are more clerical programs and as such people who use them are destined to do jobs with poor renumeration rates.

If, as a woman you are interested in computers and you want to be a software enginner then you should study computer programs such as C, C++. Javascript and so on. If you want to enter the field of aerospace design then you must learn Unigraphics and Siemens NX  systems. If you want to design websites then you must master Adobe tools and HTML.

The important thing is to aim high with your computer skill ambitions. If not, you will become nothing more then a high tech clerk.


3 October 2012 Uncategorized